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You’ve always dreamed of flying. You look up to the sky every time you hear an airplane fly overhead. You would love to learn how to fly, but you thought it would take too much time, or that it was too expensive. May be you thought flying was only meant for the most daring spirits. Well, think again! Nowadays thousands of men and women are learning to fly. Some fly for fun, some for business and others plan a career in aviation.  
Whatever your reason, you can start flying today. In order for you to fly solo you must meet the following basic requirements: you are at least 16 years of age, speak English and pass a basic medical exam. 

The Federal Aviation Administration(FAA) requires everyone who wants to get a Private Pilot License to have at least 40 hours of flight time. Of these 40 hours, at least 20 must be with a flight instructor and at least 10 hours are flown solo. Pilot training consists of both ground and flight courses, covering subjects such as aircraft systems, navigation and weather. Understand that an important part of your flight training actually takes place on the ground in the form of preflight briefings and ground school taught by your instructor. 

A typical flight lesson starts with a preflight briefing, in which your instructor explains what you will do during the flight lesson. After the flight you and your instructor discuss the lesson in a debriefing, which is concluded with a study assignment for the next lesson. 

The first stage of your flight training starts out with maneuvers and take offs and landings at the local airport for about 10 to 15 hours. At the completion of stage I your instructor will step out and you will fly the airplane solo. 

In stage II you and your instructor will go on cross-country flights and practice navigation and emergency procedures. At the end of stage II you will fly the airplane on solo cross-country flights for at least 5 hours. 

During stage III of your flight training your instructor will prepare you for your flying exam. This includes preparation for the FAA written exam, which tests your knowledge of flight rules and regulations, weather, flight planning, navigation and radio procedures. 

When you pass the flying exam, you will be issued your very own Private Pilot License. Now you can rent an airplane and take your friends for a ride or a trip to the beach, or you can just enjoy the blue skies by yourself, if you prefer. 

An estimated cost to achieve a private pilot license  $13,000.00.  



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