Aircraft Rental

Piper Warrior I (N44605) Columbus$145
Piper Warrior II (N2851G) Columbus$155
Piper Seneca I (N55279) LaGrange$300
Piper Warrior I (N44139) LaGrange$135
Piper Warrior I (N4298V) LaGrange$155
Diamond Star DA-40 (N505JP) LaGrange$175
All rates are wet.
PPL Instruction$55/hr
CPL/IR/ME Instruction$60/hr
PPL instruction in own aircraft$60/hr
Headset rental$5/hr
Introflight: Introduction with Instructor + 20min flight$100
Flights with an Instructor are sales tax exempt. All other rates are excl. a 7% (KLGC) or 8% (KCSG) sales tax


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