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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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About Airventures

Airventures is a Flight School with multiple airplanes and instructors.  We offer affordable flight training and rentals at Columbus and Lagrange.  Our training is geared to private, instrument, commercial, and multiengine training.  Although Columbus and LaGrange is convenient to several large metropolitan areas, it is situated in a predominantly rural area where stress is low, and relaxed enjoyment is the order of the day. At AirVentures, flying safety is our top priority, yet we maintain an atmosphere of leisure and enjoyment. You will enjoy socializing at our cook-outs with other pilots of various experiences. On lazy days you can always come by to “hangar fly” with us.

At AirVentures we provide:

Flight instruction (air and ground training)

Aircraft Rentals: C152, PA28, DA40, and PA34 (multiengine)

    Aircraft rental

    Recreational flight sharing packages, and

    Cross-country vacation consulting services

We are located at LaGrange (LGC) and Columbus (CSG) GA.


Columbus and LaGrange is ideally located in the Southeast and close to several important areas:


Auburn AL, just a 40 minute drive away, is a lively college town with numerous sporting and cultural activities to keep you occupied when you are not flying.


Atlanta GA is only forty-five minutes away and is the exciting cultural and transportation hub of the Southeast.


Lake West Point is just minutes from the airport and offers many water activities on hot summer days.


The emerald Florida coast is just two flying hours away and its sugar white beaches are always beckoning.


A few other exciting destinations include Key West, New Orleans, the Huntsville AL Space Center, and the Appalachian Mountains, among many, many others.


Our main office is in LaGrange, GA.  LaGrange enjoys great flying weather with warm summers, relatively mild winters, and over 300 VFR flying days a year!


AirVentures (Main Office) (706) 812-0808.
525 Aerotron Parkway
LaGrange, GA 30240


For Columbus Airport and Flight Instructing at KCSG we meet at:

3250 W Britt David Rd,

Columbus, GA 31909

(Also called "Flightways")

or call us at (706)-594-0897 or (706)-402-8164


Owner Jacob Luitjens:

Phone: (706) 812-0808
E-mail: JacobLuitjens@hotmail.com






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